Limits your feed browsing time by displaying a friendly reminder to close the feed and do something productive for a change.
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Are you spending too much time on feeds? Ever found yourself entranced by the time-sucking, endless Facebook News Feed, wasting valuable time on distractions?

FeedBlocker is an Android app for rooted devices that limits your feed browsing time by displaying a friendly reminder to close the feed and do something productive for a change, after a configurable amount of time has passed.


FeedBlocker Settings

Root Requirement

This app requires root permissions for the following reasons:

  1. To read the device logcat (in order to identify feed open/close events)
  2. To close the feed activity (after a friendly reminder is displayed and you agree to close the feed)


  • Android Build Tools 23.0.2
  • Android API 23 SDK Platform
  • Android Studio with Gradle Plugin
  • Android Device with Android 2.3 or newer


Currently, FeedBlocker is not available on Google Play due to a possible Terms of Service incompatibility. But no matter, you can manually compile and run the app yourself, which is more fun anyway!

  1. Clone the project locally - git clone
  2. Open it in Android Studio
  3. Connect your device
  4. Build and run the app
  5. Grant root access

That's it - FeedBlocker will activate automatically by displaying a popup over the feed when time runs out!

Feed Compatibility

Currently, only the Facebook feed is supported. However, it's relatively easy to support other feeds - create an issue and we'll discuss it!


  • If you find a bug or wish to make some kind of change, please create an issue first
  • Make your commits as tiny as possible - one feature or bugfix at a time
  • Write detailed commit messages, in-line with the project's commit naming conventions
  • Make sure your code conventions are in-line with the project


Apache 2.0