An Android app that provides real-time rocket alerts for Israeli citizens.
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RedAlert for Android


RedAlert was developed by volunteers to provide real-time rocket alerts for Israeli citizens.

The app utilizes real-time alert data provided by the Home Front Command (Pikud Haoref), which makes it extremely fast, reliable, and stable.

Note: Rocket alerts are detected using the open-source pikud-haoref-api Node.js package.



  • 4.7/5.0 star rating
  • 450,000+ downloads
  • Published by Geektime as the fastest rocket alert app
  • Featured by the Israeli government on their Google+ page
  • Ranked 1st place on Google Play's Top Free in Israel for 4 weeks during Operation Protective Edge
  • Won 2nd place in the Ford SYNC AppLink TLV hackathon for integrating the app with Ford cars


The fastest, most reliable rocket alert application.

Over 450,000 downloads and a 4.7 star rating to prove it. The only rocket alert application with dedicated push notification servers that dramatically improve alert speed and reliability.

  • Search - select preferred alert cities / regions by searching for them
  • Speed - rocket alerts are received before / during the official siren
  • Stability - custom alert notification servers that greatly improve alert speed and reliability
  • GPS - receive rocket alerts in your area automatically in addition to city / region selection
  • Countdown - rocket alerts will display the estimated time until impact
  • Connectivity - check, at any time, whether your device is able to receive rocket alerts via the "self-test" option
  • Smart - the application will override silent / vibrate mode to sound rocket alerts
  • Broadcast - let your friends and family know you are safe by sending an "I'm safe" message via the app
  • Sounds - choose from 15 unique sounds for rocket alerts
  • Vibration - your phone will vibrate in addition to playing the selected alert sound
  • History - display the list of daily rocket alerts, their location, and time of day (in your local time)
  • Translation - the app has been translated to multiple languages (Hebrew, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, and German)
  • Scalability - the app is deployed to a cloud service which scales automatically to provide alerts to all users


  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio with Gradle Plugin
  • A physical device to test on (recommended) running Android 2.3+ with Google APIs (optional)


  • If you find a bug or wish to make some kind of change, please create an issue first
  • Make your commits as tiny as possible - one feature or bugfix at a time
  • Write detailed commit messages, in-line with the project's commit naming conventions
  • Make sure your code conventions are in-line with the project


The application was developed to protect Israeli citizens. It costs money to run the servers, your donation is greatly appreciated.

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to Ilana Badner for the Russian translation
  • Thanks to Rodolphe Moulin for the French translation
  • Thanks to Matteo Villosio for the Italian translation
  • Thanks to Nathan Allenberg for the Spanish translation
  • Thanks to David Halbani for the German translation
  • Thanks to Eden Glant for the "Siren 1" and "Siren 2" sounds


Apache 2.0