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RedAlert for Android


RedAlert was developed by volunteers to provide real-time rocket alerts for Israeli citizens.

The app utilizes real-time alert data provided by the Home Front Command (Pikud Haoref), which makes it extremely fast, reliable, and stable.

Note: Rocket alerts are detected using the open-source pikud-haoref-api Node.js package.



  • 450,000+ downloads
  • Published by Geektime as the fastest rocket alert app
  • Featured by the Israeli government on their Google+ page
  • Ranked 1st place on Google Play's Top Free in Israel for 4 weeks during Operation Protective Edge
  • Won 2nd place in the Ford SYNC AppLink TLV hackathon for integrating the app with Ford cars


The fastest, most reliable rocket alert application.

The only rocket alert application with dedicated push notification servers that dramatically improve alert speed and reliability.

  • Search - select preferred alert cities / regions by searching for them
  • Speed - rocket alerts are received before / during the official siren
  • Stability - custom alert notification servers that greatly improve alert speed and reliability
  • GPS - receive rocket alerts in your area automatically in addition to city / region selection
  • Countdown - rocket alerts will display the estimated time until impact
  • Connectivity - check, at any time, whether your device is able to receive rocket alerts via the "self-test" option
  • Smart - the application will override silent / vibrate mode to sound rocket alerts
  • Broadcast - let your friends and family know you are safe by sending an "I'm safe" message via the app
  • Sounds - choose from 15 unique sounds for rocket alerts
  • Vibration - your phone will vibrate in addition to playing the selected alert sound
  • History - display the list of daily rocket alerts, their location, and time of day (in your local time)
  • Translation - the app has been translated to multiple languages (Hebrew, English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, and German)
  • Scalability - the app is deployed to a cloud service which scales automatically to provide alerts to all users


  • Android SDK
  • Android Studio with Gradle Plugin
  • A physical device to test on (recommended) running Android 2.3+ with Google APIs (optional)


  • If you find a bug or wish to make some kind of change, please create an issue first
  • Make your commits as tiny as possible - one feature or bugfix at a time
  • Write detailed commit messages, in-line with the project's commit naming conventions
  • Make sure your code conventions are in-line with the project


The application was developed to protect Israeli citizens. It costs money to run the servers, your donation is greatly appreciated.

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to Ilana Badner for the Russian translation
  • Thanks to Rodolphe Moulin for the French translation
  • Thanks to Matteo Villosio for the Italian translation
  • Thanks to Nathan Allenberg for the Spanish translation
  • Thanks to David Halbani for the German translation
  • Thanks to Eden Glant for the "Siren 1" and "Siren 2" sounds


Apache 2.0


An Android app that provides real-time rocket alerts for Israeli citizens.








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