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Enables chained lodash functions with ES bind (::) syntax
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Enables chained lodash functions with ES bind (::) syntax

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babel-plugin-lodash and lodash-webpack-plugin introduced an optimizaion that includes only the used lodash methods in the compiled webpack file. So you can still import _ from 'lodash' without having the entire lodash library to load.

However, chaining is not supported. _.chain(value).method() or _(value).method() will result in an (understandable) error.

That error links to this article which suggests using lodash/fp in order to maintain somwhat chained syntax.

With the new ES bind syntax, ::, it's now possible to 'chain' a method to an object, as if it was on its prototype.

function upcase() { return this.toUpperCase() }
function shout(n) { return this + '!'.repeat(n) }
console.log('hello'::upcase()::shout(5)) // => HELLO!!!!!

This library wraps all lodash methods with functions that consider this as the value, because lodash methods take a value as a first argument, which wouldn't fit the :: syntax.

Each method requires only the single corresponding file from lodash, so no unnecessary sources are being added to the output.


npm install lodash-bound --save

Requires also babel-preset-es2015 and babel-preset-stage-0 babel presets.


import _map from 'lodash-bound/map'
import _filter from 'lodash-bound/filter'
import _groupBy from 'lodash-bound/groupBy'
import _mapValues from 'lodash-bound/mapValues'

let arr = [
  { id: 'm1', conversationId: 'c1', body: 'hello', read: true },
  { id: 'm2', conversationId: 'c1', body: 'world', read: false },
  { id: 'm3', conversationId: 'c2', body: 'foo', read: false },
  { id: 'm4', conversationId: 'c2', body: 'bar', read: false }

let unreadBodyByConversationId = arr
  ::_filter({ read: false })
  ::_mapValues(x => x::_map('body'))

// => { c1: [ 'world' ], c2: [ 'foo', 'bar' ] }

Usage with babel-plugin-lodash and lodash-webpack-plugin

This library integrates (almost) seamlessly with babel-plugin-lodash and lodash-webpack-plugin.

To do so, the babel plugin needs to point to this library with the id option:


  "presets": [ "es2015", "stage-0" ],
  "plugins": [
    [ "lodash", { "id": "lodash-bound" } ]

Now the code can import/require multiple functions from loadsh-bound, without requiring the entire library.

import { mapValues, filter } from 'lodash-bound' // can also import { _mapValues, _filter } from 'lodash-bound'

const o = { a: 2, b: 4, c: 3 }
console.log(o::mapValues(n => n * n)::filter(n => n > 5))

lodash-webpack-plugin installation instructions here.

Thanks @jdalton for the info!

Note: Webpack 2 will support 'tree-shaking' which eliminates unused requires. This will allow requiring all methods in one statements: import { _map, _filter, _groupBy, _mapValues } from 'lodash-bound', without requiring all the rest of the methods, and without babel-plugin-lodash.


npm install
npm test



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