A Z scale model train controller with web interface
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A Z scale model train controller with web interface.

You will find detailed instructions at http://www.aerodynes.org/ . This repository includes both hardware design files and the software you need to build the complete project.

The whole system is working well, and has been running for a long time on an actual layout.

Repository structure:

arduino: arduino sketches for the train controller hardware hardware: schematics, boards (Eagle) server: the node.js server that interfaces with the controller and serves the web app


Please refer to http://www.aerodynes.org/ for detailed installation instructions. Below is a quick summary:

  • Build the cape - Eagle files are included, all components are referenced in the design file, it is fairly straightforward.
  • Install the arduino firmware on the cape: you can use the very good "ino" command line interface for doing so.
  • Install Ubuntu Linux on your Beaglebone Black
  • Install the latest nodejs distribution, and clone this repository
  • Install mongodb (Ubuntu package is fine)
  • Run "npm install" then "node server.js"
  • ... you should be set!


Thanks to the creators of the PID and aJson libraries (be sure to use the latest aJson library as I contributed patches to make it more robust). Thanks to Christophe Coenraets for his great tutorials which were used as a base for the server


All original code is placed under GPLv3 unless stated otherwise, see relevant license files where appropriate.