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Make your own Bitcoin-payable Twitter Bot with Lightning Charge!

Create a Wordpress site

Create a store site at You will need a Business plan to set up a store.

OR, create a free self-hosted Wordpress site with

Install WooCommerce and Lightning Payments plugins

The WooCommerce plugin is hosted in Wordpress.

Download the Lightning Payments plugin here:

Follow the instructions on the Woocommerce-Gateway repo to add Lightning as a payment option on your WooCommerce site.

Add a Product to your store

Get a Lightning node set up

Set up bitcoind, c-lightning, and lightning-charge. Instructions for all that stuff here:

Set up a Twitter bot

Create a Twitter account

Go through the usual account creation process. You will need to add a mobile number to use the API. Go to Create a new app, and copy the API keys.

Set up the Lightning-Twitter relay

That's this repository here.

git clone
cd lightningbot
npm install

Add Twitter API keys to environment variables in the .env file.

Run the relay:

npm run start 

Connect your WooCommerce payments to the Twitter bot

Create two new webhooks: One for order creation, and one for order updates.

Fill in your own server URL in the webhooks. The endpoints should go to /create and /update. Make sure the port number matches the one set in .env.

That's it! Now people can buy tweets from your bot!

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