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analyze data from CMS HCAL electronics
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Quick Start

git clone
cd hcalraw
source env/
cd cpp; make -j 5; cd -

./ 284928
./ 289555 --nevents=1 --dump=8
./ 294542 --feds1=1115 --nevents=1000

More Examples

# analyze AMC13/DCC2 monitor buffer dumps
# HF (USC FEDs):
./ data/239713_*.dat
# from a single AMC13:
export FEDID=999
cat foo.dat | cpp/badcoffee ${FEDID}
./ --file1=badcoffee${FEDID}.root --feds1=${FEDID} --progress

# compare payloads of different sets of FEDs, within one file
./ 239480 --feds1=718,719 --feds2=HF --dump=0 --utca-bcn-delta=-131 --no-warn-quality --plugins=histogram,compare

# dump decoded data to stdout
./ 55 --feds1=702,931 --nevents=1 --dump=4

# compare payloads of different sets of FEDs, across two files
./ --file1=data/B904_Integration_000055.root --feds1=702 \
--file2=data/mol_run55.root --feds2=931 --dump=0 --any-emap \
--no-warn-quality --ignore-ce --utca-bcn-delta=-119

export EOS=root://; \
./ --nevents=51 --progress --utca-bcn-delta=-119 --any-emap --no-warn-quality --dump=0 \
--file1=${EOS}/USC_211154.root --feds1=714,722 \
--file2=${EOS}/USC_211155.root --feds2=989

# analyze FE pattern runs
# (before HO refibering) ./ 235576 --feds1=HO  --plugins=unpack,patterns --dump=0 | ./ data/ref_2014.txt
# (before move to uTCA ) ./ 236631 --feds1=7xy --plugins=unpack,patterns --dump=0 | ./ data/ref_vme_G.txt
# ./ --quiet --progress --plugins=unpack,patterns,bitwalk --nevents=8000 --feds1=1115 --last-n-amcs=2 300703
./ 260773 --feds1=HBEF --plugins=unpack,patterns --dump=0 | ./ data/ref_utca_G.txt
./ 270688 --feds1=HBEF --plugins=unpack,patterns --dump=0 | ./ data/ref_utca_G.txt
./ 288606

# read about usage
./ --help



Design Goals

  • unpack both VME and uTCA data
  • digest global, local, or monitor buffer data without configuration
  • compare payloads across two .root files containing unsorted events
  • enable evaluation of board performance in only one page of plots
  • provide flexibility in analysis
  • not require CMSSW


  • python (2.x, x>=6)
  • ROOT (>=5.32)


(use exactly one of these)

  • env/ sets up a ROOT 6 environment on cc7
  • env/ sets up CMSSW and EOS
  • env/ sets up pypyROOT (outside of CMSSW)


  • cpp/CDF*.h are copied from CMSSW (IORawData/HcalTBInputService/src)
  • cpp/FED* are copied from CMSSW (DataFormats/FEDRawData)
  • cpp/[cdf,cms].h define helper functions
  • cpp/[mol,deadbeef,badcoffee,rooter].cpp make .root files from binary event dumps
  • loops over .root file(s) for one run and produces output/Runxxx.root
  • is copied from
  • configuration/ holds some settings used by, plugins/, etc.
  • interprets a FED's bytes in an event (called by raw.unpacked)
  • compares the decoded output of a FiberID run to data/ref.txt
  • converts binary event dumps to .root files and analyzes them
  • reads in output/Runxxx.root, makes plots, and outputs a .pdf
  • will find a files in EOS (or locally) for given runs and loop over them
  • produces FiberID reference files from HCAL logical maps
  • is used to analyze one run (see examples above)
  • parses command line options for,, or
  • contains utility functions for printing messages
  • loops over available USC local runs and processes them
  • reads and unpacks raw data
  • tests configuration.hw.transformed* and utils.shortList
  • contains helper functions


  • compares the payloads within two .root files for a given event
  • books and fills many per-FED and per-event histograms
  • interprets the raw data as front-end patterns
  • dumps to stdout the payload(s) in an event
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