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Arduino + servos + laser = drawings :D
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Arduino + servos + laser = drawings :D

This readme is not intended to be detailed. For more information about this project see this post.


The driver uses two servos (X and Y axis) to move the laser pointer. Right now the drawing array is hardcoded. To change the drawing use the Creator. Once set up, you can use the commands below via serial connection (9600 baud). Remember to end your lines with ';'

  • go Will start drawing immediately. Note: It will only accept 'stop' command while it's drawing.
  • stop Stops drawing.
  • servo [x|y] [min|max] [value|read] Defines the min/max limits of each axis. A reasonable value should be between 600 and 2300. If 'read' is used instead of a numeric value, the program will read the potentiometer (and move the servo accordingly)
  • walk delay value Defines the time (miliseconds) the laser will stay at each point of a line (between two defined coordinates)
  • step delay value Defines the time (miliseconds) the program will wait for the servos to reach a new coordinate when the laser is off
  • wait delay value Defines the time (miliseconds) the laser will stay at each coordinate point


This tool was made in Processing to create a drawing array of coordinates to be used later on the Driver. Usage:

  1. Edit the code to load the SVG you want to use, or comment the line shape(backdrop, 0,0, 800, 800); if you don't want one.
  2. Drawing!
  • Right click to move from the previous point to a new point without drawing with the laser.
  • Left click to define a visible line from the previous point to the new one.
  • Use the delete key to undo the last point. You can undo the whole drawing.
  1. When finished, press Enter, choose a filename and a text file will be created. The text file contains the array ready to use (copy and paste into the code).

The array will work on both the Driver and the Simulator.


Simulates (approximately) the laser drawing. The green lines are servo movements, the red ones are laser (drawn) lines. Usage: just edit the code to use your drawing coordinates and run it!