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web app that uses image recognition + web scraping to find quotes relevant to images 📷
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quotifai 📷

a web app that displays a quote related to a submitted image

technologies used:

how it works

  • uses Clarifai's image recognition API to analyze an image and generate a list of tags based on the image content
  • retrieves quotes from based on the image tags.

setup + run

to get this code up and running on your own machine,

  1. make sure you have Python and the pip package installer
  2. clone this repository (or download it to your desktop)
  3. in terminal, navigate to the project directory
    $ cd /path/to/quotifai
  4. install the required Python packages
    $ pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. get a Clarifai API key from and follow these instructions (under Setup) to configure it on your machine
  6. tell Flask which application to work with by setting the FLASK_APP environment variable:
    • on MacOS/Linux: $ export
    • on Windows: $ set
  7. now you can run the app using flask run, and navigate to to see it live! your terminal should look like this:
    $ flask run
     * Serving Flask app "app"
     * Running on (Press CTRL+C to quit)

resources & further reading


feedback and pull requests are warmly welcomed and encouraged!

tweet me @elanatee if you have any questions!

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