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An input plugin for Formtastic to render date fields using the Rails Date Kit.
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Updated version to work with formtastic 0.9.2 and above.

WARNING - Breaks backwards compatibility with 0.9.1 and lower
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lib Updated version to work with formtastic 0.9.2 and above.
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An extension for Formtastic1 to generate lightweight javascript calendar date inputs using the Rails Date Kit2


Where Task#due_date is a :date field

<% semantic_form_for @task do |form| %>
  <% form.inputs do %>
    <%= form.input :due_date, :as => :calendar, :format => '%d %b %Y' %>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

:format is optional as it will default to the local default date format as defined in ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Date::Conversions::DATE_FORMATS.


You must have the formtastic gem/plugin added to your application.

Required images, javascript and stylesheet can be installed using the generator:

./script/generate formtastic_calendar

Don’t forget to add them to your application layout

<%= stylesheet_link_tag 'calendar' %>
<%= javascript_include_tag 'calendar' %>


Test, test, test…

Attempt to port this to unobtrusive javascript, and provide graceful degradation if possible.


1 Formtastic @ GitHub

2 Rails Date Kit

Copyright © 2009 Paul Smith, released under the MIT license

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