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- Snippets -

- Introduction -
Snippets is a GitHub Repository I decided to create as a host to the various code snippets I use on a daily basis and that are not properly interfaced. The idea came from this Thread at CGFeedback where I provided a few Snippets:

- Installation / Usage -
The Snippets are usually executed by a simple copy / paste into your target 3d Package Scripting Interpreter.
Adobe Photoshop scripts must be installed into the Adobe Photoshop scripting folder:
	Mac Os X: /Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS*/Presets/Scripts/
	Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS*\Presets\Scripts\

Alternatively, on Maya, a Snippets Loader is provided, it requries PyQt and Foundations package available from Github:
Launching it is done issuing the following Python code:

import sys

FOUNDATIONS_PATH = "Path/To/Foundations/Folder/Foundations/src/"

if FOUNDATIONS_PATH not in sys.path:

LOADER_PATH = "Path/To/Snippets/Folder/Snippets/src/maya"

if LOADER_PATH not in sys.path:

import snippets.engine

import snippets.loader
import snippets.ui.common

LOADER = snippets.loader.Loader(snippets.ui.common.getMayaWindow())

- About -
Snippets by Thomas Mansencal - 2009 - 2012