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This code help to get detail information about Books with cover page. The information are retry from Amazon API.

Download the app from Github

  1. unzip the app
  2. run it inside your apache "htdocs" folder

Amazon Fulfillment Web Service (Amazon FWS)

You need Access Identifiers to make valid web service requests. Please visit the Access Identifiers section of your account to obtain your identifier and to learn more:

Documentation, sample code, articles, tutorials, and more can be found in the AWS Resource Center:

For help and support, please visit the AWS Support Center:

After signup go to "Security Credentials" in "Account" section and replace the "xxxxxxxxxxx" with your created access key // public key var $publicKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; // private key var $privateKey = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; // affiliate tag

Email me if your facing any problem