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(ns fw.examples.example-1
(use [fw.matching :only [matching]]))
;; I've always found the way clojure.core/let does map destructuring to be a little confusing.
;; I'm still learning Clojure, so I understand that there may be some hidden reason for it
;; working the way it does.
;; When I first heard that Clojure had map destructuring, I expected it to work by putting
;; a map literal on the left hand side. Instead, you have to reverse the key and value positions.
;; It gets even worse when you nest map inside map inside map. Perhaps I'm just a sadistic freak.
(def shielded-character-map
{:location [1 8]
:equipment {:armor {:ac 8
:max-dex 0}
:main-hand {:damage (range 1 9)
:damage-type :slashing}
:off-hand {:ac 2}}})
(def unshielded-character-map
{:location [2 10]
:equipment {:armor {:ac 4
:max-dex 2}
:main-hand {:damage (range 1 5)
:damage-type :piercing}
:off-hand {:damage (range 1 5)
:damage-type :piercing}}})
;; These two functions are equivilent in pretty much every way. Except perhaps readability.
(defn total-ac-with-matching [character]
(matching [{:equipment {:armor {:ac armor-ac}
:off-hand {:ac shield-ac}}} character]
(if shield-ac
(+ armor-ac shield-ac)
(defn total-ac-with-let [character]
(let [{{{armor-ac :ac} :armor
{shield-ac :ac} :off-hand} :equipment} character]
(if shield-ac
(+ armor-ac shield-ac)