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Get support from ElasTest team

Google Group

For any doubts about the features or the use of ElasTest

GitHub issues

For any bug you come across when using ElasTest

Stack Overflow

Get support from the community

Best practices for issue reporting

ElasTest team is happy to help any user, either because of a simple doubt about the use of the platform or because of an unexpected bug. But to make it easier for us to answer your questions, please consider following this scheme when reporting an issue (whatever channel you use):

  1. Description: Brief description about the problem
  2. ElasTest version: Version of ElasTest (see below how to get it)
  3. How to reproduce: A step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the problem. Elaborate as much as possible

Getting ElasTest version

You can always check the version of ElasTest you are running just by clicking on the "Help" icon.

There you have the version of each internal module of ElasTest. The global version number that usually interests us is located in the upper right corner.

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