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Elastic APM agent for Ruby

ci Gem

The official Rubygem for Elastic APM.

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Full documentation at

Getting help

If you find a bug, please report an issue. For any other assistance, please open or add to a topic on the APM discuss forum.


A Docker based setup is provided for development.

To run all specs in the official ruby:latest image:

$ bin/dev

To pick a specific Ruby version, specify it with the -i flag:

$ bin/dev -i jruby:9.2

If the first argument is a path starting with spec/, the passed specs will be run. Otherwise any arguments passed will be run as a command inside the container:

$ bin/dev -i jruby:9.2 spec/integration/rails_spec.rb   #
$ bin/dev -i some_custom_image bash                     #

To see all options:

$ bin/dev -h


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