🐠 Beats - Lightweight shippers for Elasticsearch & Logstash
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Beats - The Lightweight Shippers of the Elastic Stack

The Beats are lightweight data shippers, written in Go, that you install on your servers to capture all sorts of operational data (think of logs, metrics, or network packet data). The Beats send the operational data to Elasticsearch, either directly or via Logstash, so it can be visualized with Kibana.

By "lightweight", we mean that Beats have a small installation footprint, use limited system resources, and have no runtime dependencies.

This repository contains libbeat, our Go framework for creating Beats, and all the officially supported Beats:

Beat Description
Filebeat Tails and ships log files
Metricbeat Fetches sets of metrics from the operating system and services
Packetbeat Monitors the network and applications by sniffing packets
Winlogbeat Fetches and ships Windows Event logs

In addition to the above Beats, which are officially supported by Elastic, the community has created a set of other Beats that make use of libbeat but live outside of this Github repository. We maintain a list of community Beats here.

Documentation and Getting Started

You can find the documentation and getting started guides for each of the Beats on the elastic.co site:

Getting Help

If you need help or hit an issue, please start by opening a topic on our discuss forums. Please note that we reserve GitHub tickets for confirmed bugs and enhancement requests.


You can download pre-compiled Beats binaries, as well as packages for the supported platforms, from this page.


We'd love working with you! You can help make the Beats better in many ways: report issues, help us reproduce issues, fix bugs, add functionality, or even create your own Beat.

Please start by reading our CONTRIBUTING file.

If you are creating a new Beat, you don't need to submit the code to this repository. You can simply start working in a new repository and make use of the libbeat packages, by following our developer guide. After you have a working prototype, open a pull request to add your Beat to the list of community Beats.

Building Beats from the Source

See our CONTRIBUTING file for information about setting up your dev environment to build Beats from the source.