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Cherry-pick #3942 to 5.x: Fix Winlogbeat test by checking full hostname #4304

merged 1 commit into from May 13, 2017


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commented May 12, 2017

Cherry-pick of PR #3942 to 5.x branch. Original message:

The computer_name field in events is the full hostname, but the win32api.GetComputerName was returning the shortened netbios name. So the test fail on machines with longer hostnames.

Fix Winlogbeat test by checking full hostname (#3942)
The `computer_name` field in events is the full hostname, but the `win32api.GetComputerName` was returning the shortened netbios name. So the test fail on machines with longer hostnames.
(cherry picked from commit 5c6e623)

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commented May 12, 2017

jenkins, retest it please

@ruflin ruflin merged commit 8ff5e7b into elastic:5.x May 13, 2017

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monicasarbu added a commit that referenced this pull request Jun 6, 2017

Automatic merge from 5.4 to 5.x branch (#4449)
* Bump version in the 5.x branch to 5.5.0 (#4007)

* Backport codecov file to 5.x (#4040)

This will make sure builds do not go red on 5.x because of some small diffs in coverage.

* Properly shut down crawler in case one prospector is misconfigured (#4037) (#4048)

If one prospector started to already send data and a second one was misconfigured, the beat paniced during shutdown. This is no prevented by properly shutting down the crawler also on error.

Closes #3917
(cherry picked from commit 95195cc)

* Fix link to the MacOSX SDK tarball (#4120) (#4122)

The original download was temporarily down and then it came back up
with a different sha1. Switching to what seems to be a link closer to the

This will require backporting in all branches that need to be built.
(cherry picked from commit 7d15bf3)

* Deprecate the metrics endpoint in Winlogbeat (#4145)

The metrics endpoint is replaced by the http endpoint for all beats in 6.0. See #3717

* elasticsearch: set _type=doc (#3757) (#4191)

The `_type` field is deprecated per
(cherry picked from commit bec7603)

* Reduce the number of notifications from travis CI. (#4210) (#4214)

- Disable PR notifications.
- Send failed build notifications.
- Send an update when build transistions from red -> green.
(cherry picked from commit 1844718)

* Fix MongoDB dbstats fields mapping (#4258)

(cherry picked from commit 6b0b077)

* Deprecate document_type in filebeat 5.5 (#4225)

`_type` is removed in elasticsearch 6.0 and `document_type` is removed in filebeat 6.0. We recommend using `fields` instead.

* Ignore permission errors in Metricbeat’s TestFileSystemList (#3562)

The test can fail if some calls to statfs fail due to permission errors. For example:

`stat("/var/lib/docker/aufs/mnt/50d0d5f599f0f19450e7649f73a0e23da1f172048e555df2b1cb78b3fefa355b", 0x7ffd2e5b8ed0) = -1 EACCES (Permission denied)`

* Miscellaneous test fixes

- Fix and enable the python smoke test for heartbeat
- Remove fmt.Printf from metricbeat ceph module
- Fix Windows path issues in libbeat/paths tests
- Fix ioutil.TempDir usage in Packetbeat tests (it broke windows)

* Using single quotes around Windows paths

The thrift test config used double quotes around Windows path separators and this was interpreted incorrectly in YAML parsing.

* Rename TestBadCondition to TestConditions

This test doesn’t actually test any bad conditions. Plus there is another test in the same directory with the name TestBadCondition.

* Remove OS specific error message check from mockbeat

The error message “no such file or directory” is an OS specific error message. There is a different error message on Windows. Simply checking for “error loading config file” should be sufficient.

* Use shorter filename in Filebeat test for Windows

The test was failing on Windows when `os.rename` failed with `[Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified`. The root cause of the failure was that the path was ~260 characters on Jenkins which is greater than the `MAX_PATH` value in Windows. This PR shortens the test log’s name to resolve the issue.

The other changes to normalize the filepath are nice to have for Windows, but not strictly required.

* Add filesystem name to test error message

Errors that are logged by the system/filesystem test case don’t have enough context to debug them. This adds the filesystem that caused the error to the message.

* Less strict error matching in Winlogbeat config_test

Error string testing is brittle. The PR makes the test less stringent by not checking the full error message that includes the Golang stdlib error.

* Use logp.Beta or logp.Experimental in metricsets

And in system tests, centralize the logic for asserting that there are no ERR or WARN in logs.

Filter out errors about “The service process could not connect to the service controller” that occur when testing on Jenkins where Jenkins itself is running as a service. This confuses the Beat because it thinks that it is running as service, but it’s not.

* Fix Winlogbeat test by checking full hostname (#3942) (#4304)

The `computer_name` field in events is the full hostname, but the `win32api.GetComputerName` was returning the shortened netbios name. So the test fail on machines with longer hostnames.
(cherry picked from commit 5c6e623)

* Clean geoip.paths before using the path (#4306)

Use filepath.Clean on the configured paths to fix any invalid OS path separators.

Skip the geoip test with symlinks on Windows (`os.symlink` isn’t supported on Windows).

* Use .go-version to specify the Go version for all CI builds (#4303) (#4307)

Having a simple file that requires no parsing to retrieve the Go version
provides us a standard portable way to know what Go version to use for builds.
It's basically the least common denominator for builds accross CI systems
(Jenkins, AppVeyor, Travis) and operating systems.

Also changed AppVeyor to invalidate the cached Go version only when the
.go-version file changes instead of when the .appveyor.yml changes.

* Fix testing env in the 5.x branch. (#4412)

It was set on 5.4.0 BC, which got removed in the mean time.

* Cherry-pick #4378 to 5.x: Fix parsing of interface options with _ (#4334) (#4411)

* Fix parsing of interface options with _ (#4334) (#4378)

In commit 5547060 linting issues
were addresses and variables containing _ were renamed. This broke
the config parsing.

In packetbeat this seems to effect the with_vlans, bpf_filter and
the buffer_size_mb options. Correct it by adding tags for all
documented variables.
(cherry picked from commit 813466d)

* Allow string characters in browser patch version (#4418)

Both for NGINX and Apache logs

(cherry picked from commit a10c1b7)

* Fix type for HAProxy health.last field (#4410) (#4425)

Fixes #4407. Also adds docs for two fields where docs were missing.
(cherry picked from commit a2ea586)

@andrewkroh andrewkroh deleted the andrewkroh:backport_3942_5.x branch Jul 5, 2017

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