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Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes
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pebrc Allow license secret webhook to fail (#1301)
Webhooks on core k8s objects are just too debilitating in case our
webhook service fails. This sets the failure policy for the secret
webhook to ignore to strike a balance between UX (immediate feedback)
and keeping the users k8s cluster in a working state. Also we have an
additional validation run on controller level so this does not allow
circumventing our validation logic.
Latest commit 156847e Jul 19, 2019

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Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK)

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes automates the deployment, provisioning, management, and orchestration of Elasticsearch and Kibana on Kubernetes based on the operator pattern.

This is an alpha version.

Current features:

  • Elasticsearch and Kibana deployments
  • TLS Certificates management
  • Safe Elasticsearch cluster configuration & topology changes
  • Persistent volumes usage
  • Dynamic local persistent volumes provisioning
  • Custom node configuration and attributes
  • Secure settings keystore updates

Supported versions:

  • Kubernetes: 1.11+
  • Elasticsearch: 6.8+, 7.1+

Check the Quickstart if you want to deploy you first cluster with ECK.

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