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@untergeek untergeek released this May 14, 2018 · 17 commits to 5.5 since this release


  • The alias, restore, rollover, and shrink actions have been
    added to curator_cli, along with a revamped method to manage/add
    actions in the future.
  • Updated certifi dependency to 2018.4.16
  • Added six dependency
  • Permit the use of versions 6.1 and greater of the elasticsearch python
    module. There are issues with SSL contexts in the 6.0 release that prevent
    Curator from being able to use this version. Currently the requirement
    version string is elasticsearch>=5.5.2,!=6.0.0,<7.0.0
  • Start of pylint cleanup, and use of six string_types. (untergeek)

Bug Fixes

  • unit_count_pattern setting can cause indices to mistakenly be included
    in an index filter. Fixed in #1206 (soenkeliebau)
  • Fix rollover _check_max_size() call. Reported in #1202 by @diranged
  • Update tested versions of Elasticsearch. (untergeek).
  • Update setup.cfg to install dependencies during source install. (untergeek)
  • Fix reference to unset variable name in log output at
    It should be idx instead of index. (untergeek).
  • Alias action should raise NoIndices exception if warn_if_no_indices is
    True, and no add or remove sub-actions are found, rather than raising
    an ActionError. Reported in #1209 (untergeek).


  • Clarify inclusive filtering for allocated filter. Fixed in #1203 (geekpete)
  • Fix Kibana filter description. #1199 (quartett-opa)
  • Add missing documentation about the new_name option for rollover.
    Reported in #1197 (untergeek)
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