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@Mpdreamz Mpdreamz released this Dec 2, 2013 · 5550 commits to master since this release

It's been a little over a month since the last release but a new release is already long overdue and I have the community to thank for that. A special shoutout to @andreabalducci for single handedly implementing support for function_score queries, @gmarz and @freshmaker74 went and added complete support for all the new suggest features (even the expirimental completion suggest).

I'm very happy to announce that I'll be joining Elasticsearch on the 1st of February to up the ante on writing proper documentation and stabilising the API.

I also like to take this space to thank my current employer Q42 ( who have been nothing but supportive to me and NEST. Q42 gracefully sponsored a day of my time a week to work on NEST.

As always all the 0.12.0 packages are on nuget:

Package Url


If you are going to NDC London this week and you are (not) using NEST or Elasticsearch shout at me on twitter (@Mpdreamz) I would love to meet.

Again thank you @Q42 for still letting me go.

New Features

Bug Fixes

  • @Tasteful fixed a bug in one of the overloads of DeleteByQuery() that did not translate types correctly see #399, also fixed analysis information not deserializing properly in the GetSettings() call.
  • @nickcanz fixed some documentation links.
  • Term(lambda, value) no longer requires value to be of type string see #347
  • MatchQuery was a throwing argumentnull exceptions which is not what you want if you use Conditionless queries see #262
  • Fixed monodevelop/xamarin build error and warnings
  • Caught an edgecase in the bool rewriting of queries. See this StackOverflow question for details <- also a great read if you want to know how NEST helps you write boolean queries.
  • fixed a bug where using bitwise operators on two filters with different cache settings would apply the same cache settings to both.
  • fixed signed packages being delay signed instead of full #377 (ty @maximpashuk for slap on the wrist).
  • the dynamic property when mapping objects can by true/false or "strict" now see #379
  • When mapping a generic object (using Generic(), a mechanism to map unknown types i.e that plugins expose) a name property was always generated. This can now be turned off see #384
  • refresh and consistency were part of the bulk body but should have been part of the querystring see #394
  • _percolate was available for all bulk actions while it only really applies for index bulk actions.
  • When using IndexMany(BulkParameters<T>) you can now also override the id of the individual objects (Bulk() already allowed for this)
  • fix #402 TermsExecution Enum was missing some members
  • OnFieldsWithBoost on the querystring query now has an overload for specifying strings only.
  • fix min_similarity missing from the FuzzyLikeThis query. see #411
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