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Connection Layer API

All of the classes responsible for handling the connection to the Elasticsearch cluster. The default subclasses used can be overriden by passing parameters to the :class:`~elasticsearch.Elasticsearch` class. All of the arguments to the client will be passed on to :class:`~elasticsearch.Transport`, :class:`~elasticsearch.ConnectionPool` and :class:`~elasticsearch.Connection`.

For example if you wanted to use your own implementation of the :class:`~elasticsearch.ConnectionSelector` class you can just pass in the selector_class parameter.


:class:`~elasticsearch.ConnectionPool` and related options (like selector_class) will only be used if more than one connection is defined. Either directly or via the :ref:`sniffing` mechanism.

.. py:module:: elasticsearch


.. autoclass:: Transport(hosts, connection_class=Urllib3HttpConnection, connection_pool_class=ConnectionPool, host_info_callback=construct_hosts_list, sniff_on_start=False, sniffer_timeout=None, sniff_on_connection_fail=False, serializer=JSONSerializer(), max_retries=3, ** kwargs)

Connection Pool

.. autoclass:: ConnectionPool(connections, dead_timeout=60, selector_class=RoundRobinSelector, randomize_hosts=True, ** kwargs)

Connection Selector

.. autoclass:: ConnectionSelector(opts)

Urllib3HttpConnection (default connection_class)

If you have complex SSL logic for connecting to Elasticsearch using an SSLContext object might be more helpful. You can create one natively using the python SSL library with the create_default_context ( method.

To create an SSLContext object you only need to use one of cafile, capath or cadata:

>>> from ssl import create_default_context
>>> context = create_default_context(cafile=None, capath=None, cadata=None)
  • cafile is the path to your CA File
  • capath is the directory of a collection of CA's
  • cadata is either an ASCII string of one or more PEM-encoded certificates or a bytes-like object of DER-encoded certificates.

Please note that the use of SSLContext is only available for Urllib3.

.. autoclass:: Urllib3HttpConnection