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X-Pack APIs

X-Pack is an Elastic Stack extension that bundles security, alerting, monitoring, reporting, and graph capabilities into one easy-to-install package. While the X-Pack components are designed to work together seamlessly, you can easily enable or disable the features you want to use.


X-Pack info provides general info about the installed X-Pack.

.. py:module:: elasticsearch.client.xpack

.. autoclass:: XPackClient

Graph Explore

X-Pack Graph Explore enables you to extract and summarize information about the documents and terms in your Elasticsearch index.

.. py:module:: elasticsearch.client.xpack.graph

.. autoclass:: GraphClient

Licensing API

Licensing API can be used to manage your licences.

.. py:module:: elasticsearch.client.xpack.license

.. autoclass:: LicenseClient

Machine Learning APIs

Machine Learning can be useful for discovering new patterns about your data. For a more detailed explanation about X-Pack's machine learning please refer to the official documentation.

.. py:module::

.. autoclass:: MlClient

Security APIs

Security API can be used to help secure your Elasticsearch cluster. Integrating with LDAP and Active Directory.

.. py:module::

.. autoclass:: SecurityClient

Watcher APIs

Watcher API can be used to notify you when certain pre-defined thresholds have happened.

.. py:module:: elasticsearch.client.xpack.watcher

.. autoclass:: WatcherClient

Migration APIs

Migration API helps simplify upgrading X-Pack indices from one version to another.

.. py:module:: elasticsearch.client.xpack.migration

.. autoclass:: MigrationClient