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@picandocodigo picandocodigo released this 12 Sep 15:46
· 40 commits to main since this release


  • Tested versions of Ruby for 8.10.0: Ruby (MRI) 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2. JRuby 9.3 and JRuby 9.4.


New Experimental APIs, for internal use:

  • fleet.delete_secret
  • fleet.get_secret
  • fleet.post_secret

New stable APIs:

  • security.get_settings - Retrieve settings for the security system indices
  • security.update_settings - Update settings for the security system indices

New Experimental API:

  • query_ruleset.list List query rulesets.

API Changes:

  • indices.reload_search_analyzers - Adds parameter resource changed resource to reload analyzers from if applicable

Promoted from Experimental to Beta:

  • security.create_cross_cluster_api_key
  • security.update_cross_cluster_api_key

Synonyms namespace update:

All synonym related APIs have been moved to the synonyms namespace and some of the endpoints have been renamed, as well as their parameters:

  • synonyms.delete => synonyms.delete_synonym - requires id, the id of the synonyms set to be deleted.
  • synonyms.get => synonyms.get_synonym - requires id, the name of the synonyms set to be retrieved.
  • synonyms_set.get_synonyms_sets => synonyms.get_synonyms_sets
  • synonyms.put => synonyms.put_synonym - requires id of the synonyms set to be created or updated.
  • synonym_rule.put => synonyms.put_synonym_rule - Parameters changed to set_id (the id of the synonym set to be updated with the synonym rule) and rule_id (the id of the synonym rule to be updated or created).
  • New Experimental API synonyms.delete_synonym_rule - Deletes a synonym rule in a synonym set
  • New Experimental API synonyms.get_synonym_rule - Retrieves a synonym rule from a synonym set