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A service wrapper on top of elasticsearch
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DEPRECATED: The service wrapper is deprecated and not maintained. It no longer works with Elasticsearch 2.x. Many of the features have been added to Elastisearch itself, and purpose built deb, rpm packages, as well as windows service, are avaialble.

A service wrapper execution for elasticsearch using Java Service Wrapper.

Installation guide

Important: If you want to use service wrapper with elasticsearch 0.90 (and below), you need to switch to the 0.90 branch of this repository and then follow the installation instructions.

Simply place the service directory under the elasticsearch bin directory and edit the elasticsearch.conf file to point to the correct elasticsearch home path.

Elasticsearch can be run as a service using the elasticsearch script located under bin/service location. The script accepts a single parameter with the following values:

Parameter Description
console Run the elasticsearch in the foreground.
start Run elasticsearch in the background.
stop Stops elasticsearch if its running.
install Install elasticsearch to run on system startup (init.d / service).
remove Removes elasticsearch from system startup (init.d / service).

The service uses Java Service Wrapper which is a small native wrapper around the Java virtual machine which also monitors it.

Note, passing JVM level configuration (such as -X parameters) should be set within the elasticsearch.conf file.

The ES_HEAP_SIZE environment variable controls the maximum memory allocation for the JVM (set in megabytes). It defaults to 1024.

Running on 64-bit Windows

This requires a commercial license for Java Service Wrapper. Licenses are bound to a specific machine, so make sure you send the correct host id when ordering the license.

Once you have your license information, paste the extra wrapper.license.* lines into the elasticsearch.conf file. Then download the corresponding windows x86 64 bit build of the JSW.

Copy bin\wrapper.exe to bin\service\exec\elasticsearch-windows-x86-64.exe, and lib\wrapper.dll and lib\wrapper.jar to bin\service\lib in your elasticsearch directory. Also make sure you have a 64-bit JRE installed. The service can then be installed and started as described above.

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