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Put mapping on a single node with new mapping will not wait for the m…

…apping to be applied, closes #1355.
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1 parent f74fa75 commit 7ab128bbba7bb11248a93816a2a9b3f59a4a2e83 @kimchy kimchy committed Sep 22, 2011
@@ -313,6 +313,10 @@ public void putMapping(final PutRequest request, final Listener listener) {
} else {
CompressedString newSource = newMapper.mappingSource();
mappings.put(index, new MappingMetaData(newMapper));
+ // we also add it to the registered parsed mapping, since that's what we do when we merge
+ // and, we won't wait for it to be created on this master node
+ IndexService indexService = indicesService.indexService(index);
+ indexService.mapperService().add(newMapper.type(), newMapper.mappingSource().string());
if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) {
logger.debug("[{}] create_mapping [{}] with source [{}]", index, newMapper.type(), newSource);
} else if (logger.isInfoEnabled()) {

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