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Don't throttle the translog stage of recovery

After copying the index files (which are throttled), we currently throttle the translog as well. The translog phase3 part is performed under a lock, so its better not to throttle it at all, and move it as fast as possible.
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kimchy committed Jan 25, 2014
1 parent 1aa1e83 commit b66885dab33dcf8e315e99450ec0a1a56df3490f
Showing with 7 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +7 −3 src/main/java/org/elasticsearch/indices/recovery/
@@ -294,9 +294,13 @@ private int sendSnapshot(Translog.Snapshot snapshot) throws ElasticsearchExcepti
if (ops >= recoverySettings.translogOps() || size >= recoverySettings.translogSize().bytes()) {

if (recoverySettings.rateLimiter() != null) {
// don't throttle translog, since we lock for phase3 indexing, so we need to move it as
// fast as possible. Note, sine we index docs to replicas while the index files are recovered
// the lock can potentially be removed, in which case, it might make sense to re-enable
// throttling in this phase
// if (recoverySettings.rateLimiter() != null) {
// recoverySettings.rateLimiter().pause(size);
// }

RecoveryTranslogOperationsRequest translogOperationsRequest = new RecoveryTranslogOperationsRequest(request.recoveryId(), request.shardId(), operations);
transportService.submitRequest(request.targetNode(), RecoveryTarget.Actions.TRANSLOG_OPS, translogOperationsRequest, TransportRequestOptions.options().withCompress(recoverySettings.compress()).withType(TransportRequestOptions.Type.RECOVERY).withTimeout(internalActionLongTimeout), EmptyTransportResponseHandler.INSTANCE_SAME).txGet();

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