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Multi match query #2153

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Multi match query

The multi_match query builds further on top of the match query by allowing multiple fields to be specified. The idea here is to allow to more easily build a concise match type query over multiple fields instead of using a relative more expressive query by using multiple match queries within a bool query.

The structure of the query is a bit different. Instead of a nested json object defining the query field, there is a top json level field for defining the query fields. Example:

  "multi_match" : {
    "query" : "this is a test",
    "fields" : [ "subject", "message" ]

The multi_match query creates ether a bool or a dis_maxtop level query. Each field is a query clause in this top level query. The query clause contains the actual query (the specified 'type' defines what query this will be). Each query clause is basically a should clause.


All options that apply on the match query also apply on the multi_match query. The 'match' query options apply only on the individual clauses inside the top level query.

  • fields - Fields to be used in the query.
  • use_dis_max - Boolean indicating to either create a dis_max query or a bool query. Defaults to true.
  • tie_breaker - Multiplier value to balance the scores between lower and higher scoring fields. Only applicable when use_dis_max is set to true. Defaults to 0.0.

The query accepts all the options that a regular match query accepts.

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Implemented in #2151.

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