Is there any plan to upgrade to lucene 4.x? #2176

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Lucene 4.0 beta is released, it provides lots of exciting features, so, is there any plan to upgrade to lucene 4.x? thanks!

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Agreed, it provides a lot of exciting features. The plan is to get to a state where when 4.0 goes GA, there will be an elasticsearch version that uses it.


I'm mostly interested in the lower memory usage :) +1


Lucene 4.0 has been released. Any plans of porting ES to 4.0 ? I'm really keen on using ES+Lucene 4.0 in a new project.


Yeah, was searching for elasticsearch + Lucene 4 plan. and see this, looking foward to see the ES + L4 plan out


The long long long wait for Lucene 4 is finally over! Now just need to wait for ES support so that I can use it:)


really expect the new ES with Lucene 4 supported.


Hope ES support Lucene 4.x too!


What's the status on Lucene 4 ? :)

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@Jippi master, which will be 0.21.0, is all Lucene 4. Try it out and give us feedback! 👍


I will ! :) When do you think it will be release worthy for deb and normal production usage ? :)

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@Jippi we don't have concrete date yet, all tests pass in master with Lucene 4, and we already exposed most of the planned features. We still have some ironing out to do. We might end up starting to release at least a formal Beta release of 0.21.0 just so people can play with it.


Alright, I will have my eyeballs on the blog for a beta I can mess around with :) Thanks for the quick replies, and thanks for an awesome piece of software!

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