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ywelsch Zen2: Move all mixed-version REST tests to Zen2 (#36398)
Moves all remaining (rolling-upgrade and mixed-version) REST tests to use Zen2. To avoid adding
extra configuration, it relies on Zen2 being set as the default discovery type. This required a few
smaller changes in other tests. I've removed AzureMinimumMasterNodesTests which tests Zen1
functionality and dates from a time where host providers were not configurable and each cloud
plugin had its own discovery.type, subclassing the ZenDiscovery class. I've also adapted a few tests
which were unnecessarily adding addTestZenDiscovery = false for the same legacy reasons. Finally,
this also moves the unconfigured-node-name REST test to Zen2, testing the auto-bootstrapping
functionality in development mode when no discovery configuration is provided.
Latest commit 6e6e63d Dec 10, 2018
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analysis-icu Upgrade to Lucene-8.0.0-snapshot-aaa64d70159 (#36335) Dec 7, 2018
analysis-kuromoji Upgrade to Lucene-8.0.0-snapshot-aaa64d70159 (#36335) Dec 7, 2018
analysis-nori Add support for inlined user dictionary in Nori (#36123) Dec 7, 2018
analysis-phonetic Upgrade to Lucene-8.0.0-snapshot-aaa64d70159 (#36335) Dec 7, 2018
analysis-smartcn Upgrade to Lucene-8.0.0-snapshot-aaa64d70159 (#36335) Dec 7, 2018
analysis-stempel Upgrade to Lucene-8.0.0-snapshot-aaa64d70159 (#36335) Dec 7, 2018
analysis-ukrainian Upgrade to Lucene-8.0.0-snapshot-aaa64d70159 (#36335) Dec 7, 2018
discovery-azure-classic Zen2: Move all mixed-version REST tests to Zen2 (#36398) Dec 10, 2018
discovery-ec2 Zen2: Move all mixed-version REST tests to Zen2 (#36398) Dec 10, 2018
discovery-gce Zen2: Move all mixed-version REST tests to Zen2 (#36398) Dec 10, 2018
examples Make hits.total an object in the search response (#35849) Dec 5, 2018
ingest-attachment Add a new "contains" feature (#34738) Oct 25, 2018
ingest-geoip Core: Replace deprecated Loggers calls with LogManager. (#34691) Oct 29, 2018
ingest-user-agent Add a new "contains" feature (#34738) Oct 25, 2018
mapper-annotated-text Make hits.total an object in the search response (#35849) Dec 5, 2018
mapper-murmur3 Make hits.total an object in the search response (#35849) Dec 5, 2018
mapper-size Upgrade to lucene-8.0.0-snapshot-31d7dfe6b1 (#35224) Nov 6, 2018
repository-azure Remove AbstractComponent from AbstractLifecycleComponent (#35560) Nov 19, 2018
repository-gcs [Tests] Fix third party tests with Gradle 5.0 (#36302) Dec 6, 2018
repository-hdfs Make hits.total an object in the search response (#35849) Dec 5, 2018
repository-s3 Build: Use explicit deps on test tasks for check (#36325) Dec 6, 2018
store-smb Make hits.total an object in the search response (#35849) Dec 5, 2018
transport-nio Upgrade Netty 4.3.32.Final (#36102) Nov 30, 2018
build.gradle Reorganize license files Apr 20, 2018