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Elasticsearch REST API JSON specification

This repository contains a collection of JSON files which describe the Elasticsearch HTTP API.

Their purpose is to formalize and standardize the API, to facilitate development of libraries and integrations.

Example for the "Create Index" API:

  "indices.create": {
    "documentation": "http://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/master/indices-create-index.html",
    "methods": ["PUT", "POST"],
    "url": {
      "path": "/{index}",
      "paths": ["/{index}"],
      "parts": {
        "index": {
          "type" : "string",
          "required" : true,
          "description" : "The name of the index"
      "params": {
        "timeout": {
          "type" : "time",
          "description" : "Explicit operation timeout"
    "body": {
      "description" : "The configuration for the index (`settings` and `mappings`)"

The specification contains:

  • The name of the API (indices.create), which usually corresponds to the client calls
  • Link to the documentation at http://elastic.co
  • List of HTTP methods for the endpoint
  • URL specification: path, parts, parameters
  • Whether body is allowed for the endpoint or not and its description

The methods and url.paths elements list all possible HTTP methods and URLs for the endpoint; it is the responsibility of the developer to use this information for a sensible API on the target platform.


This software is licensed under the Apache License, version 2 ("ALv2").