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@Anaethelion Anaethelion released this 28 Jun 16:27
· 101 commits to main since this release


  • ML.InferTrainedModelDeployment renamed to InferTrainedModel
  • ML.PreviewDatafeed has two new parameters, start and end. Documentation
  • ML.StartTrainedModelDeployment has three new parameters, number_of_allocations, threads_per_allocation and queue_capacity. Documentation
  • Cluster.DeleteVotingConfigExclusions has a new master_timeout parameter.
  • Cluster.PostVotingConfigExclusions has a new master_timeout parameter.
  • Snapshot.Get has a new index_names parameters (boolean). Whether to include the name of each index in the snapshot. Defaults to true.

New APIs

  • Security.HasPrivilegesUserProfile (Experimental API) Documentation