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default: test
include ../../../helpers/
RELEASE := helm-es-security
helm upgrade --wait --timeout=600 --install --values ./security.yml $(RELEASE) ../../
kubectl delete secrets elastic-credentials elastic-certificates elastic-certificate-pem || true
helm del --purge $(RELEASE)
test: secrets install goss
docker rm -f elastic-helm-charts-certs || true
rm -f elastic-certificates.p12 elastic-certificate.pem elastic-stack-ca.p12 || true
password=$$([ ! -z "$$ELASTIC_PASSWORD" ] && echo $$ELASTIC_PASSWORD || echo $$(docker run --rm$(STACK_VERSION) /bin/sh -c "< /dev/urandom tr -cd '[:alnum:]' | head -c20")) && \
docker run --name elastic-helm-charts-certs -i -w /app \$(STACK_VERSION) \
/bin/sh -c " \
elasticsearch-certutil ca --out /app/elastic-stack-ca.p12 --pass '' && \
elasticsearch-certutil cert --name security-master --dns security-master --ca /app/elastic-stack-ca.p12 --pass '' --ca-pass '' --out /app/elastic-certificates.p12" && \
docker cp elastic-helm-charts-certs:/app/elastic-certificates.p12 ./ && \
docker rm -f elastic-helm-charts-certs && \
openssl pkcs12 -nodes -passin pass:'' -in elastic-certificates.p12 -out elastic-certificate.pem && \
kubectl create secret generic elastic-certificates --from-file=elastic-certificates.p12 && \
kubectl create secret generic elastic-certificate-pem --from-file=elastic-certificate.pem && \
kubectl create secret generic elastic-credentials --from-literal=password=$$password --from-literal=username=elastic && \
rm -f elastic-certificates.p12 elastic-certificate.pem elastic-stack-ca.p12
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