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Round float values #697

runningman84 opened this Issue Nov 13, 2013 · 1 comment


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runningman84 commented Nov 13, 2013

I have a lot of messages with a duration field in seconds. This field can be used in histogram to plot the mean request time. Right now these values have a precision of about 10 digits. This is not needed... a round function to display only the first four digits after the point would be cool.


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rashidkpc commented Feb 24, 2014

Numbers are rounded and formatted in the histogram now.

@rashidkpc rashidkpc closed this Feb 24, 2014

w33ble pushed a commit to w33ble/kibana that referenced this issue Sep 13, 2018

Design work - EUI, K7, and various interface changes (elastic#720)
* [WIP][Design] Cleanup canvas part 1 (elastic#697)

Part 1 of dave messing around with the design of canvas.

* Converted bootstrap button groups to EUI button groups in text_style_picker (elastic#713)

* Moved elements and assets to workpad_header (elastic#714)

* Adds tabs to sidebar component (elastic#718)

* Changed sidebar to tabbed layout

* Removed unecessary done props from datasource_component and expression

* Removed unused props in toolbar

* [Design] Part 2 of design cleanup (elastic#715)

* hide nonfocus pages

* button group margins

* workpad panel styled

* header rework

* fix toolbar lint

* update to newest EUI, restyle sidebar tabs, some data source cleanup

* move title to footer

* Add some tooltips

* Fixed custom interval input in refresh controls (elastic#722)

* Fixes Editor Toggle (elastic#721)

* Removed unused selectedPage prop from workpad_header/index.js

* Fixed editor toggle

* Design part 3: page view, data sources, lots of cleanup (elastic#731)

Mostly changes around the page selector and data sources. Also fixes some of the hover issues for canvas elements.

* fix css import error

* [Design] Part 4 of design updates to canvas (elastic#732)

[Design] Part 4: selector rewrite

* Move expression editor back to bottom (elastic#733)

* Removed unused prop form sidebar_component

* Moved expression editor to toolbar

* [Design] Part 5: Cleanup and bugfixing before review (elastic#734)

* style up expression editor, fix resize handles

* hide controls when editing is hidden

* remove icons from element dropdown

* fix canvas grid

* Adds Modals (elastic#739)

* Changed datasource_preview to a modal

* Moved workpad_loader to modal

* address feedback (elastic#740)

* asset manager mostly styled (elastic#741)

* [Image function] support src (image url) in addition to dataurl (elastic#632)

* [Image function] support src (image url) in addition to dataurl

* unit test for httpurl

* fix other elements that use image

* clean up the diff

* more clean up diff

* Handle AJAX errors by showing a notification (elastic#717)

* timeout property for axios instance

* remove TODOS

* notifier class


* second notification with the context

* redirect to home if workpad could not be fetched

* less noisy error checking

* Fix ES Docs indices select options (elastic#743)

* Catch more AJAX errors, show error in notification banner (elastic#736)

* catch more errors

* if es_fields fails, still render something

* generate default data in ajax fetches in case of failure

* feedback changes

* remove defaulting that catch makes unnecessary

* Remove run API (elastic#742)

It's not used anywhere and is no longer necessary. We can always recreate
it if the need arises.

* [Design] Part 4 of design updates to canvas (elastic#732)

[Design] Part 4: selector rewrite

* Changed icon to 'warning' in simple_failure

* Fixed canvas loading

* Fixed paginate controls file naming

* Changed color dot size

* Added missing aria-labels

* Fixed warnings

* Fixed expression warnings

* Fixed popovers

* Fixed merge conflicts for image_upload

* Changed placeholder text in custom interval input

* Styled debug render function

* Removed bootstrap from expression and show_debugging

* Changed buttons in expression editor

* Changed asset manager to modal

* Added 'canvas__element' class for BWC for custom CSS in old workpads

* Fixed fullscreen interactions and positioning

* Fixed overflow issue in asset manager

* Removed bootstrap in datasource component

* Changed text input to text area in timelion datasource

* Fixed sort field in esdocs

* Updated style of AssetManager

* Changed all inputs to compressed size

* Added max width for datasource_preview modal

* Fixed cursor when hovering over element in fullscreen mode

* Cleaned up tooltips

* Rearranged buttons in workpad_header

* Updated style to update_modal

* Forgot to remove debug line

* Cleaned up arg_add_popover

* Removed codeblock in update_modal

* Added 'dataurl=null' to image element initial expression

* Added null args to repeatImage and revealImage

* Fixed input validation in expression

* Bumped eui to v1.1.0

* fix: make refresh controls clearer

- Change disabled state to 'refresh this page manually'
- Don't show disable control unless auto-refresh is enabled
- Move disabled control under the refresh interval text

closes elastic#759

* fix: close refresh popover on selection

* fix: replace interval placeholder with help text

Closes elastic#757

* fix: replace EuiFormLabel with aria-labelledby

closes elastic#767

* fix: restore send to top/bottom controls

* fix: more usable page controls

- pull controls out of popover
- move PageControls component out of the preview
- fix link use, so controls actually work
- fix page layout for tall pages

* fix: use correct esdocs query value

* fix: better esdocs form labels

* chore: stricter prop type checking

and remove an unused prop check

* fix: style the unknown args datasource fallback

* fix: show correct sort field in esdocs

* fix: page control icon colors

* Fixed workpad_loader modal issue

* Cleaned up home page styles

* Fixed class name on confirm modal. Removed unused style in main.scss

* fix: flatten the workpad styles

easier to override them, which is handy for fullsceen and other cases

* fix: better fullscreen overrides

* chore: remove unused allowFullScreen props

* fix: workpad size in fullscreen mode

* chore: convert Positionable to a class component

* fix: map font object to flot spec

* fix: use flot font spec for flot output

* test: add font spec test, fix plot & axisconfig tests

* Fixed input refs in datacolumn

* Removed unnecessary styles

* chore: remove debugging console logs

* Fixed prop type error in expression form

* Fixed expression form bouncing from error messages

* fix: page controls visible with scroll bar

* fix: delete element click handler

* chore: bump EUI to 3.0.0

this is the version that will be landing in Kibana

* fix: match ContextMenu class to css rule

* chore: remove unused code

* chore: tiny update modal code refactor

* Replaced & with prefixes in asset_manager and suggestion SCSS files

* Replaced EUI link/icon with EuiButtonIcon

* Changed label for index pattern in esdocs form

* fix: add aria-label to EuiButtonIcon

* fix: restore highlight on hover

and remove the now unused ElementControls component

* chore: update classNames

use the new class naming convention

* chore: remove unused components

* Disabled selection and dragging for img in revealImage

* Add toolbar tray close button (elastic#842)

* Fixed range and percentage arg types (elastic#843)

* Change to preview images

* Chore: naming convention

* Fix EUI Tooltip component content props (elastic#850)

* Fix a small typo in a button icon and tooltip (elastic#851)
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