Milestone 5 not plotting [logstash-]YYYY.MM indexes #962

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I'm having problems with milestone 5 downloaded from ES website.

My previously defined logstash schema ([logstash-]YYYY.MM alone, no multiple indexes yet as allowed by issue #22 on milestone5) does not work anymore.

No plots are shown and the following appears on the browser's console:


(anonymous function) app.js?r=8512132:9
q app.js?r=8512132:9
j app.js?r=8512132:9
i app.js?r=8512132:9
i app.js?r=8512132:9
(anonymous function) app.js?r=8512132:9
f.$eval app.js?r=8512132:9
f.$digest app.js?r=8512132:9
f.$apply app.js?r=8512132:9
(anonymous function) app.js?r=8512132:9
g app.js?r=8512132:8
(anonymous function)

Switching back to milestone 4 works without issues. I would like to use this kibana multi-indexes feature, but first I need to fix this regression :-/


Digging further it seems that it has to do with the time intervals and missing indexes. Seems like milestone5 is not honoring the ignore_missing=true.


Digging even further, it has to do with the GET request length when fetching indexes. Depending on the request time interval (enumerated logstash- indexes) length, I get:

curl: (56) Recv failure: Connection reset by peer


curl: (52) Empty reply from server

For a 5062 characters request length... am I missing some ES or Apache request length limit?

ha02148 commented Feb 18, 2014

Try adding the following to ES.

Change default line length of 4K

http.max_initial_line_length: 8k


Indeed, that was it, thanks!

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