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# By default, all dependencies (zeromq, etc) will be downloaded and installed
# locally. You can change this if you are deploying your own.
VENDOR?=zeromq jemalloc hiredis
# Where to install to.
CFLAGS+=-D_POSIX_C_SOURCE=199309 -std=c99 -Wall -Wextra -Werror -pipe
#LIBS=-lzmq -ljemalloc -lssl -lcrypto -luuid -lz
LIBS=-lzmq -ljemalloc -luuid -lz -lhiredis
LDFLAGS+=-Lbuild/lib -Wl,-rpath,'$$ORIGIN/../lib'
default: build-all
build-all: build/bin/lumberjack build/bin/
build-all: build/bin/stunnel build/bin/
include Makefile.ext
ifeq ($(UNAME),Linux)
# clock_gettime is in librt on linux.
-@rm -fr lumberjack unixsock *.o build
-make -C vendor/msgpack/ clean
-make -C vendor/jansson/ clean
-make -C vendor/jemalloc/ clean
-make -C vendor/libuuid/ clean
-make -C vendor/zeromq/ clean
-make -C vendor/zlib/ clean
-make -C vendor/hiredis/ clean
rpm deb: | build-all
fpm -s dir -t $@ -n lumberjack -v $(VERSION) --prefix /opt/lumberjack \
--exclude '*.a' --exclude 'lib/pkgconfig/zlib.pc' -C build \
--description "a log shipping tool" \
--url "" \
bin/lumberjack bin/ lib \
bin/stunnel bin/
backoff.o: backoff.c backoff.h
harvester.o: harvester.c harvester.h proto.h str.h sleepdefs.h
emitter.o: emitter.c emitter.h sleepdefs.h
lumberjack.o: lumberjack.c backoff.h harvester.h emitter.h
str.o: str.c str.h
proto.o: proto.c proto.h str.h sleepdefs.h
harvester.o: build/include/insist.h
lumberjack.o: build/include/insist.h
# Vendor'd dependencies
# If VENDOR contains 'zeromq' download and build it.
ifeq ($(filter zeromq,$(VENDOR)),zeromq)
emitter.o: build/include/zmq.h
harvester.o: build/include/zmq.h
lumberjack.o: build/include/zmq.h
build/bin/lumberjack: | build/bin build/lib/libzmq.$(LIBEXT)
endif # zeromq
ifeq ($(filter jemalloc,$(VENDOR)),jemalloc)
harvester.o lumberjack.o str.o: build/include/jemalloc/jemalloc.h
build/bin/lumberjack: | build/lib/libjemalloc.$(LIBEXT)
endif # jemalloc
ifeq ($(filter openssl,$(VENDOR)),openssl)
proto.o: build/include/openssl/ssl.h
lumberjack.o: build/include/openssl/ssl.h
build/bin/lumberjack: | build/lib/libssl.$(LIBEXT)
build/bin/lumberjack: | build/lib/libcrypto.$(LIBEXT)
endif # openssl
ifeq ($(filter zlib,$(VENDOR)),zlib)
proto.o: build/include/zlib.h
build/bin/lumberjack: | build/lib/libz.$(LIBEXT)
endif # zlib
ifeq ($(filter hiredis,$(VENDOR)),hiredis)
emitter.o: build/include/hiredis/hiredis.h
build/bin/lumberjack: | build/lib/libhiredis.$(LIBEXT)
endif # hiredis
build/bin/ | build/bin
install -m 755 $^ $@
build/bin/ | build/bin
install -m 755 $^ $@
build/bin/lumberjack: | build/bin
build/bin/lumberjack: lumberjack.o backoff.o harvester.o emitter.o str.o proto.o
$(CC) $(LDFLAGS) -o $@ $^ $(LIBS)
@echo " => Build complete: $@"
@echo " => Run 'make rpm' to build an rpm (or deb or tarball)"
build/include/insist.h: | build/include
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH -o $@
build/include/zmq.h build/lib/libzmq.$(LIBEXT): | build/include build/lib
@echo " => Building zeromq"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/zeromq/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/msgpack.h build/lib/libmsgpack.$(LIBEXT): | build/include build/lib
@echo " => Building msgpack"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/msgpack/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/jemalloc/jemalloc.h build/lib/libjemalloc.$(LIBEXT): | build/include build/lib
@echo " => Building jemalloc"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/jemalloc/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/lz4.h build/lib/liblz4.$(LIBEXT): | build/include build/lib
@echo " => Building lz4"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/lz4/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/zlib.h build/lib/libz.$(LIBEXT): | build/include build/lib
@echo " => Building zlib"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/zlib/ install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/openssl/ssl.h build/lib/libssl.$(LIBEXT) build/lib/libcrypto.$(LIBEXT): | build/include build/lib
@echo " => Building openssl"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/openssl install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/include/hiredis/hiredis.h build/lib/libhiredis.$(LIBEXT): | build/include build/lib
@echo " => Building libhiredis"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/hiredis install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
build/bin/stunnel: | build/bin build/lib build/include
@echo " => Building stunnel"
PATH=$$PWD:$$PATH $(MAKE) -C vendor/stunnel install PREFIX=$$PWD/build DEBUG=$(DEBUG)
mkdir $@
build/include build/bin build/test build/lib: | build
mkdir $@
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