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= Security:
- Requires server support TLS 1.0 or higher (#402). This resolves a number of
security concerns, including POODLE. The POODLE concern was reported
and validated by Tray Torrance, Marc Chadwick, and David Arena. Additionally,
the PCI SSC announced that SSLv3 was not acceptable anymore.
= General:
- Tested succsesfully against Logstash 1.4.2 and Logstash 1.5.
- rpm and deb packaging supported with init scripts
- Comments '#' are supported in the config file now! (#154, Michael Pearson)
- The argument to -config can be a directory. If so, all files in that directory
are loaded and merged into a single config. (#154, Michael Pearson)
- Add -quiet flag to omit any notification/informational log messages from lsf.
- Open files are now closed after they are idle for some time period. This
time period is called "dead time" and it is configurable per file section.
(Jason Woods)
- Fix bug where EOF on an unfinished line would cause a partial event to be emitted.
(#164, tzahari)
- SSL Certs with CN or IP SAN are now required for server verification (#205, alex)
- Fix a bug causing the registrar to lose track of files (#198, Jason Woods)
- Supports sha256 and sha512 certificate signatures (#188, Philip Hofstetter)
- OpenBSD supported.
- Stronger test suite (alex, Joubin Houshyar, Michael Pearson, Jordan Sissel,
Pier-Hugues Pellerin, Pere Urbon-Bayes)
- Lots of small bugfixes and general love invested by Joubin Houshyar and Jason
Versions 0.3.1 and older did not have curated changelogs