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Same basic functional design as the original lumberjack:
Harvester reads events from files
Byte offset of start of event (number)
Line number of event (number)
File origin of event (string)
Message (string)
Work model:
-> Enveloper (flush when full or after N idle seconds)
-> Compressor (compresses whole envelopes)
-> Encryptor (encrypts compressed envelopes)
-> Emitter (ships over the wire)
Sending an envelope of an encrypted, compressed batch of messages allows
me freedom to pick any message-oriented protocol. The previous implementation
of lumberjack requried channel-encryption (with tls) which limited the
kind of transportation tools.
Previously, compression was done on envelopes, but TLS was used to communicate
Messaging model w/ ZMQ:
* REQREP message model
REQREP has high latency (lock step request-response) but since
I'm sending multiple events at once, I believe that latency is
Messaging model w/ Redis:
Types of events:
File Event - represents an event read from a file
- file origin of event
- byte offset of event
- line number of event
- event message (the contents)
Compressed Envelope
- number of items
- type of item
- compressed payload
Encrypted Envelope
- cipher
- payload