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more protocol thoughts

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* Permit bulk acknowlegements? Like TCP, perhaps.
* Should authentication be channel- or message-based?
+## Tentative Plan
+* Messaging: Length-known messages sent over an encrypted TLS channel. Messages
+ have a sequence id.
+* Serialization: versioned, minimal+documented map-like string:string serialization.
+* Authentication: ssl certs.
+* Encryption: tls
+* Compression: gzip (most common)
## Implementation Considerations
### Simple/Few/Fast Dependencies
* Serialization: msgpack, json, thrift, and protobufs are all too hard to
integrate/deploy or are too slow/complex to generate (json).
-* Serialization: A simple map-like serialization should be easy with
- 'length+payload' string encoding as well as a simple type system. Must be
- minimally featured.
+* Serialization: Maybe msgpack, it's the best (simple/easy/fast) of all options
+ it seems.
* Framing: zeromq can be easily vendored
* Encryption: openssl is fairly ubiquitous and nontrivial to reimplement.
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* Serialization and Framing should be cheap on cpu. This means avoiding
serialization mechanisms that inspect and possibly modify every single byte
of a string (json's UTF-8 + escape code enforcement).
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