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Release Engineering - logstash

logstash rel-eng.

The version patterns for logstash are x.y.z

  • In the same x.y release, no backwards-incompatible changes will be made.
  • Between x.y.z and x.y.(z+1), deprecations are allowed but should be functional through the next release.
  • Any backwards-incompatible changes should be well-documented and, if possible, should include tools to help in migrating.
  • It is OK to add features, plugins, etc, in minor releases as long as they do not break existing functionality.

I do not suspect the 'x' (currently 1) will change frequently. It should only change if there are major, backwards-incompatible changes made to logstash, and I'm trying to not make those changes, so logstash should forever be at 1.y,z, right? ;)

building a release.

  • Make sure all tests pass (make test)
    • ruby bin/logstash test
    • java -jar logstash-x.y.z-monolithic.jar test
  • Update VERSION.rb
    • VERSION=$(ruby -r./VERSION -e 'puts LOGSTASH_VERSION')
  • Ensure CHANGELOG is up-to-date
  • git tag v$VERSION; git push origin master; git push --tags
  • Build binaries
    • make jar
  • make docs
    • copy build/docs to ../$VERSION
    • Note: you will need to use C-ruby 1.9.2 for this.
    • You'll need 'bluecloth' and 'cabin' rubygems installed.
  • cd ../
    • make clean update VERSION=$VERSION
    • git add docs/$VERSION docs/latest.html index.html _layouts/*
    • git commit -m "version $VERSION docs" && git push origin master
  • Publish binaries
    • Stage binaries at
  • Update #logstash IRC /topic
  • Send announcement email to logstash-users@, include relevant download URLs & changelog (see past emails for a template)
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