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Style Guide

Rather than write a full style guide, please follow by examples you see in the code. If you send me a patch, I will not reject it for style reasons (but I will fix it before it gets committed).


We support logging structured data, so please do that.

Rather than this:"Some error occured in request #{request} on input #{input} from client #{ip}")

Do this:"Some error occured in this request", :request => request, :input => input, :client => ip)

Code Style

  • indentation: 2 spaces
  • between methods: 1 line
  • sort your requires
  • long lines should wrap at 80 characters. If you wrap at an operator (or, +, etc) start the next line with that operator.
  • parentheses on function definitions/calls
  • explicit is better than implicit

The point is consistency and documentation. If you see inconsistencies, let me know, and I'll fix them :)

Short example:

  require "something from a gem" # from gem 'thing'

  # some documentation about this class
  class Foo < Bar
    # some documentation about this function
    def somefunc(arg1, arg2, arg3)
      # comment
      puts "Hello"
      if (some_long_condition \
          or some_other_condition)
        puts "World"
      end # if <very short description>

      # Long lines should wrap and start with an operator if possible.
      foo = some + long + formula + thing \
            + stuff + bar;

      # Function calls, when wrapping, should align to the '(' where reasonable.
      some_function_call(arg1, arg2, arg3, some_long_thing,
                         alignment_here, arg6)
      # If it seems unreasonable, wrap and indent 4 spaces.
          arg2, arg3, arg4)

      case foo
        when "bar"
          puts "Hello world"
        when /testing/
          puts "testing
          puts "I got nothin'"
      end # case foo

    end # def somefunc
  end # class Foo

Specific cases

Hash synatx

Use of the "hash colon" syntax (ruby 1.9) is not accepted: { foo: "bar" }


String#[] with one numeric argument must not be used due to bugs between ruby versions.

  • Do not use this: "foo"[0]
  • Use this: "foo"[0,1]
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