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Elastic has recently announced that we are [opening x-pack][] code, which was
previously private. It will be released under a commercial license and
included in some distributions of Logstash, making certain distributions not
fully-FOSS-compliant. For that reason, we want to avoid making overly-broad
statements about "open-source" that could become confusing in the near future.

Elastic continues to invest heavily in the Apache2-licensed open core of
Logstash; we will continue to release and distribute OSS-only artifacts, and
will empower our community to use and extend Logstash.

[opening x-pack]:

Fixes #9241
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Logstash Roadmap

Logstash is a data collection engine that is developed directly on Github. The roadmap is defined by the core themes of performance, resiliency, and manageability, along with the overall plugin ecosystem. User requirements are the main driving force behind our development efforts. If a user has a bad time, it’s a bug! All submitted issues, suggestions, or ideas are greatly encouraged and appreciated.

Logstash Core

With an open development model, the core roadmap can generally be distilled in Github. Long term roadmap features can be viewed with the "roadmap" label. The features and bug fixes targeted for an upcoming release can be viewed with the specific release label, e.g. "v5.0.0". Please note that feature timing and priorities are susceptible to change and therefore not guaranteed.

Logstash Plugins

The Logstash Plugins ecosystem enables the innovation of additional integrations and processing capabilities for the core engine. Plugins in this organization are either maintained by Elastic or the community. Community maintained plugins have a special banner in the documentation page, e.g. Salesforce input. Many awesome humans have taken the roadmap into their own hands by becoming community maintainers. If you’re actively working with specific community plugins and would like to get more involved, feel free to reach out in this forum thread.

Latest Changes

For a list of latest changes across Logstash and its plugins, see the release notes.