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require "logstash/inputs/base"
require "logstash/namespace"
require "timeout"
# Read events over a 0MQ SUB socket.
# You need to have the 0mq 2.1.x library installed to be able to use
# this input plugin.
# The default settings will create a subscriber binding to tcp://
# waiting for connecting publishers.
class LogStash::Inputs::ZeroMQ < LogStash::Inputs::Base
config_name "zeromq"
plugin_status "experimental"
# 0mq socket address to connect or bind to
config :address, :validate => :string, :default => "tcp://"
# 0mq queue size
config :queue_size, :validate => :number, :default => 20
# 0mq topic (Used with ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE, see
# for 'ZMQ_SUBSCRIBE: Establish message filter')
config :queue, :validate => :string, :default => "" # default all
# wether to bind ("server") or connect ("client") to the socket
config :mode, :validate => [ "server", "client"], :default => "client"
@source = "0mq_#{@address}/#{@queue}"
def register
require "ffi-rzmq"
require "logstash/util/zeromq"
self.class.send(:include, LogStash::Util::ZeroMQ)
@subscriber = context.socket(ZMQ::SUB)
error_check(@subscriber.setsockopt(ZMQ::HWM, @queue_size),
"while setting ZMQ:HWM == #{@queue_size.inspect}")
error_check(@subscriber.setsockopt(ZMQ::SUBSCRIBE, @queue),
"while setting ZMQ:SUBSCRIBE == #{@queue.inspect}")
error_check(@subscriber.setsockopt(ZMQ::LINGER, 1),
"while setting ZMQ::LINGER == 1)")
setup(@subscriber, @address)
end # def register
def teardown
error_check(@subscriber.close, "while closing the zmq socket")
end # def teardown
def server?
@mode == "server"
end # def server?
def run(output_queue)
loop do
msg = ''
rc = @subscriber.recv_string(msg)
error_check(rc, "in recv_string")
@logger.debug("0mq: receiving", :event => msg)
e = self.to_event(msg, @source)
if e
output_queue << e
rescue => e
@logger.debug("ZMQ Error", :subscriber => @subscriber,
:exception => e, :backtrace => e.backtrace)
rescue Timeout::Error
@logger.debug("Read timeout", subscriber => @subscriber)
end # begin
end # def run
end # class LogStash::Inputs::ZeroMQ
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