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## How do I contribute code?
Welp, its going to be up to you to figure this one out, but you're going to have to get a dev environment going. Jump on IRC and we can help you with this! You'll find most functionality is related to functions and data sources, and adding those is pretty self explanitory.
-## How issues work
-The below priorities are super loose, but generally its how priorities work across other UI projects at Elastic.
-- **P1**: A high priority issue that affects almost all Timelion users. Bugs that would cause incorrect results, security issues and features that would vastly improve the user experience for everyone. Work arounds for P1s generally don't exist without a code change.
-- **P2**: A broadly applicable, high visibility, issue that enhances the usability of Timelion for a majority users.
-- **P3**: Nice-to-have bug fixes or functionality. Work arounds for P3 items generally exist.
-- **P4**: Niche and special interest issues that may not fit our core goals. We would take a high quality pull for this if implemented in such a way that it does not meaningfully impact other functionality or existing code. Issues may also be labeled P4 if they would be better implemented in Elasticsearch.
-- **P5**: Highly niche or in opposition to our core goals. Should usually be closed. This doesn't mean we wouldn't take a pull for it, but if someone really wanted this they would be better off working on a plugin. The Timelion team will usually not work on P5 issues but may be willing to assist plugin developers on IRC.
+## Cutting a release
+I'm going to assume if you're reading this part, then you work at Elastic. Good for you. You will need:
+1. gulp
+1. `~/.aws-config.json`
+**Tip for Kibana 5.0+ releases**: You'll need to add the Kibana version you're targeting to `package.json` in the `kibanas` array. The build system will take care of assembling a working package for each version of Kibana, including naming the files correctly and updating each archive's `package.json` to match.
+If you've sorted out that complex web of dependencies go ahead and run the following.
+gulp release
+You're done. Champagne?

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