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Labels and Markers

Rustam Aliyev edited this page Jul 2, 2013 · 3 revisions

Labels and Markers

Labels and Marker and both message properties. Due to the nature of the data model and NoSQL backend, we replaced conventional mailbox folders with labels. Moving to labels also blurred borders between the message folder(label) and message flag. Although labels and markers seems to be similar, there are some fundamental differences in the way they implemented in the ElasticInbox.

Labels are defined per mailbox and can be used as a replacement for classic folders. In addition to predefined internal labels (reserved labels), user can add new personal labels. Messages are indexed for each label which makes it possible to retrieve all messages for the label. Maximum 10.000 labels allowed per user. Nested labels can be used as a replacement for folders, nested labels SHOULD be delimited with ^ character, e.g. MyRootFolder^SubFolder^LeafFolder.

Markers, on the other hand, are same across the mailboxes. There are also no indexes on markers which means you can’t retrieve all messages for a specific marker.

Below is the list of predefined labels and markers. Note that user cannot change predefined labels.


ID Label Description
0 ALL Specific label which automatically assigned to all messages. This helps to make sure that no messages are orphan
1 INBOX Inbox messages
5 SPAM Messages identified as spam
8 NOTIFICATIONS This label applied to different types of notification – social network, forums, etc.
9 ATTACHMENTS Messages with attachments
10 POP3 Label which represents POP3 inbox. See POP3 and IMAP


ID Marker Description
1 SEEN seen (read) messages
2 REPLIED replied messages
3 FORWARDED forwarded messages