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Rustam Aliyev edited this page Jul 7, 2013 · 2 revisions


ElasticInbox exposes following performance stats through JMX:

  • LMTP
    • Delivery
      • success
      • defer
      • defer_failure
      • discard
      • reject_nonExistent
      • reject_overQuota
  • POP3
    • Auth
      • success
      • fail
  • Hector
    • Read
    • Write
  • Jetty

It’s possible to enable/disable performance counters through config files. For LMTP, POP3 and Hector stats set enable_performance_counters to true in elasticinbox.yml. performance_counters_interval is an interval for accumulating stats, set it to your monitoring system’s interval (e.g. if munin collects every 3 minutes, set it to 3*60).

For Jetty, you need to set statOn=true in jetty.xml:

<Configure id="Server" class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server">
    <Call name="addConnector">
          <New class="org.eclipse.jetty.server.nio.SelectChannelConnector">
          <Set name="statsOn">true</Set>