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ElasticInbox provides POP3 access to emails through the special pop3 label. Any message added to this label will be available through POP3 server. Deleting a message from POP3 will only remove pop3 label. In future, we plan to add configurable behavior such as deleting message from inbox or mailbox completely, marking as read on download, etc.

Note that only latest 300 messages are visible through POP3. Messages are uniquely identified using Base64 encoded UUID in POP3 (UIDL command).

Currently, ElasticInbox does not support POP3S (POP3+SSL) but we plan to add support later. We strongly recommend using POP3 proxy servers such as Nginx in front of ElasticInbox.

POP3 server is enabled by default but you need to make sure that LMTP delivery will also add messages to POP3. See YAML configuration:

# if enabled, messages received via LMTP will be available from POP3
lmtp_enable_pop3: true

### POP3 settings
# Set port number and maximum concurrent connections.
pop3_port: 2110
pop3_max_connections: 20


IMAP access is currently not available, but we are working on it.

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