A Generic GeoExt 2 Client for GeoServer
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####A Generic GeoExt2 Client for GeoServer####

All you need to do to get it working is:

  1. changing the Config.js File
  2. Running it on a Tomcat WebServer
  3. Proxy servlet to bypass the cross-origin error of the wfs requests needs python (add path to web.xml)
  4. Add your Geoserver Address to the python proxy
  5. Create A Schema in PostgreSQL and define its jdbc connection string in PostgreSQLConnector by altering the following line

c = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:postgresql://localhost:5432/GEODB", "postgres", "otinane");


  • I am trying to intergrate an older project of mine tougo on this as geospatial functions. First try is SimplifyPolygon (just a test so just ignore it for the time being).
  • Feature Editing works (insert and update) there is a bug with labeling the new features. Editing in the web is a bit complex so I have to post instructions on how the whole concept works. No attribure editing atm.
  • index.html changed to index.jsp (no jsp tags though in file) due to the spring mvc transition
  • PostgreSQL is now part of the application
  • Thoughts to switch to Hibernate rather than raw sql
  • Some tools may require some Geoserver Plugins (like printing)

Application Capabilities

  • Can load all existing layers from Geoserver
  • Select the Geometry of any layer (with the identify button) regardless the name of the Geometry Column (important)
  • Display a property grid (with the identify button) but only for the first resulted geometry of the layer
  • Displays the Legend
  • Go to a pair of Coordinates
  • Query Layers through wfs services
  • Automatically detect browser language and display application in the appropriate language if applicable (english being the default)
  • English and Greek language file (looking for anyone eager to translate to other languages)
  • Stores in Cookie a Guid to identify each client instance
  • Spring mvc/rest framework added
  • Show/Hide Layers (Layer Visibility is stored per user in the database layer)
  • Select Areas and Layers Save them to db and download them later as Shapefiles
  • Choose and Hide Tools
  • Feature Editing Needs Improvements but it works.

Work on progress

  • A more complete Java BackEnd
  • Sql Scripts for building the database
  • Attribute Editing
  • Adding tougo functionalities as geospatial functions

Comming Soon

  • Add/Search Metadata

Distant Future

  • Search GeonetWork
  • Networks
  • Topology

follow me at twitter and ask me anything.