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  • @title Escrow Contract
  • @dev Contract allows to send ether through verifier (owner of contract).
  • Only verifier can initiate withdrawal to recipient's address.
  • Verifier cannot choose recipient's address without
  • transit private key generated by sender.
  • Sender is responsible to provide transit private key
  • to recipient off-chain.
  • Recepient signs address to receive with transit private key and
  • provides signed address to verification server.
  • (See VerifyTransferSignature method for details.)
  • Verifier verifies off-chain the recipient in accordance with verification
  • conditions (e.g., phone ownership via SMS authentication) and initiates
  • withdrawal to the address provided by recipient.
  • (See withdraw method for details.)
  • Verifier charges commission for it's services.
  • Sender is able to cancel transfer if it's not yet cancelled or withdrawn
  • by recipient.
  • (See cancelTransfer method for details.) */
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