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Elastos is a Blockchain Powered Internet

Welcome to Elastos!

Elastos: The Modern Internet Short Video 3:06

Elastos Introduction slides

Table of Contents


Quick Summary

Elastos provides a virtual ecosystem where applications run in a completely safe sandboxed environment whose authenticity is verified using the Blockchain and where the flow of traffic is completely decentralized using a peer to peer network.

Elastos solves the problem of security using the trusted runtime environment, scalability using the main chain sidechains solutions and decentralization using the peer to peer network.

Elastos is not a typical operating system. Usually, when you think about operating systems, you think abut a device operating system that is tied to a particular device. Elastos is not a device OS but rather it’s a network operating system. This means the network is the computer instead of device being the computer. This also means that this operating system will never need to be upgraded because the network has no version. It’s just the network. The internet has no version. It’s just the internet. The internet gets upgraded by adding services on top of it and people using those services. Similarly, the elastos network OS gets upgraded when someone adds a new service and people start using this service. There is no human intervention required as everything is code and everything is autonomous and self running. The elastos network operating system is literally a world supercomputer formed of millions and millions of virtual machines spread across the internet where your data might be stored in ur own personal disk or IPFS(which is distributed across the internet) where there are no more device drivers needed because all the code gets generated for the appropriate device on the fly automatically. In that sense, every device on the internet will be able to recognize elastos because the internet itself is the device.

How Elastos Works

Elastos White Papers

Beginner Guides

A Beginner's Guide to Elastos for Non-Developers

This is material for any non-developer who wants to learn about Elastos and what it has to offer to an end-user/consumer/investor. This guide explains the Elastos core technology and how it differs from various other projects in the blockchain industry. First and foremost, it's important to note that Elastos is not a blockchain project. It is a network operating system project powered by the blockchain technology so in that sense, Elastos is not competing with any other blockchain projects but can work together with them to form this new ecosystem where the DApps run directly on the device instead of running on the blockchain along with decentralized peer to peer network to transfer assets in a completely closed sandboxed environment, thereby solving the trilemma of the blockchain technology - security, scalibility and decentralization all in one.

A Non-Developer guide

A Beginner's Guide to Elastos for Developers

This is material for any developer who has some experience with programming languages like Javascript/NodeJS, HTML5, Java, Swift, C++, Golang, etc and wants to get started with various github projects that are open sourced by Elastos. This includes the core development of the product such as the Elastos Runtime environment, Elastos Blockchain, creating and integrating ELA into wallets, or creating applications using the SDK if you're a DApp developer. In order to make it very easy for any developer(even to someone who's not very familiar with blockchain), Elastos provides the SDK in various languages that makes it easy to start developing a decentralized application integrated with blockchain technology without having to fully learn about how blockchain works underneath.

A Developer guide

Current State of Elastos

Elastos is a work in progress!


List of Active Repos


This is the repo that contains developer guides to get started. This is a work in progress.


Elastos Carrier is a decentralized peer to peer communication framework and this repository is the Native SDK from which all other SDKs are based on.


ELA is the digital currency solution within Elastos ecosystem. This project is the source code that can build a full node of ELA.


Elastos.Trinity is composite repository to Elastos Trinity infrastructure, which can be divided into the different submodules such as Trinity.Runtime, Trinity.DApps, Trinity.Plugins and Trinity.Toolchains.


ELA is the digital currency solution within Elastos ecosystem. This project is the source code that deals with sidechains of Elastos.


Elastos.NET is a composite repository to Elastos Carrier infrastructure, which in turn includes repository for Elastos Carrier for different platforms such as Native, Android, iOS.


Elastos SPV is a SDK of SPV (Simplified Payment Verification) implementation of the Elastos digital currency. The Elastos SPV SDK is a set of encryption algorithm, peer to peer network and SPV related implementation like bloom filter, merkleblock and util methods. As an example, this project includes an spv wallet implementation located in spvwallet folder. It will help you understand how to use this SDK and build your own apps. After installing, you can do some things locally like creating your own wallet, seeing account balance and a wide variety of other options.


This is the main repo that contains source code for mobile wallet for Trinity browser.


This repo provide simple HTTP Restful API for developers to interact with elastos blockchain. You may need to construct your own local node to use some of these API.


This repo provide simple HTTP Restful API for developers to interact with elastos DID sidechain. You may need to construct your own local node to use some of these API.


This is the client program of the ELA node, which is a command line tool to control node and see node info etc. Also, this project includes a light implementation of ELA wallet that can create your ELA account, receive, create, sign or send transactions. You can run a node locally and set the miner address to your wallet account and then run the node to get your own ELAs and do whatever you want after that.


This repo is used to hold source code of ELA side chain command tool. There is another repo, Elastos.ELA.Client, that holds the source code of main chain command tool.


This is a common library referenced by all the repos of ELA nodes and clients, including Elastos.ELA, Elastos.ELA.Client, Elastos.ELA.SPV, etc. It is the basic component of these repos. This repo contains some common data structures like the message protocol of p2p network and the crypto algorithm of ELA coin. Changes to this repo will affect all the repos that reference it. Thus, any new commit to this repo should be treated very cautiously.


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