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  • Fix transaction amount error and precision loss problem.
  • Fix 'app not install' problem.
  • Improve transaction stability.
  • Add feedbacks of transaction proposal.
  • Optimize processes of Multi-Sign wallet.

sha256: a2586b6829882de1c5ac26f6d176936a37691c7fe31ef8eae0e4ce9d5b742bbe

Please make sure your wallet data properly backuped before your reinstallation.

@heropan heropan released this Dec 6, 2018 · 27 commits to release_v0.1.2 since this release

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Elastos wallet app

sha256 9e38e856ed48c8d7a653ce0aab30214b5f70ca08f4c547277fa1250015d911b9