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Welcome to Elastos Developers Community!

This repo is for Elastos Developers Community members. We can disucss issues related to community events, technical training material, ideas and comments.

Everyone is welcome to raise issue for new ideas.


We Want You! Elastos Community Recruitment

Ask general questions to Kevin Zhang:

The best way to raise your question is using Github. Go to and raise any general questions. His github ID is kevingzhang. Or, if you have specific questions related to any specific components or projects, please go to that project repository and raise issues there. For example, if you want to know how the Elastos Carrier works on Nodejs, please go to and raise an issue there.



Social Media:

International Community:

Help wanted

Elastos Bounty Program (EBP)

Elastos is an open source project made for the community. We have reserved 16.5M ELA in order to reward Elastos community members who contribute to the commmunity. EBP- Elastos Bounty Program is a web app platform for community members to take tasks, make contributions and get ELA as reward.

The entirety of EBP contains several subsidiary programs

  • Elastos Developer Bounty Program - EDBP. Developers contribute code to Elastos
  • Elastos Bug Bounty Program - EBBP. Users or testers find bugs and report to Elastos developers
  • Elastos Social Bounty Program - ESBP. Social media users and influencers introduce Elastos to social media.
  • Elastos Leader Bounty Program - ELBP. Reward to those leaders in different subsidiary communities (Community leader in Universities, Cities and Countries)
  • Elastos Referral Bounty Program - ERBP. Reward to members who refer other users, leaders and members to join Elastos community that made significant contribution.

See details here


How to contribute to the community? Contribution Guide

How to raise an issue? Issue Template

To be honest, I'm not technically great but I love blockchain and i'm ready to do anything to participate in a blockchain project that I love....

Hello Elastos Community!

I love this project, I'm supporting and following you actively. I saw the actual job advertisements and I wonder, as a Business Informatics student in Turkey, how can I join Elastos team? Do you have any opportunities like internship etc. for students like me? To be honest, I'm not technically great but I love blockchain and i'm ready to do anything to participate in a blockchain project that I love. If I can't join the community with my actual abilities right now, how should I improve myself to do it? Do you have any advices for me?

I'd be glad if you can answer me, thanks a lot! Much love and kind regards,

Answer: Elastos is an open source project. Anyone can contribute, no matter technical enough to contribute code, or just help us find some bug and raise an issue. Or not related to technology at all, just write some learning experiences on youtube, medium stackoverflow etc, let more people know Elastos, enjoy the learning process together,

let me know which part you think you are good at.

Links to other community repos

Global Community

We are looking for community leaders globally. If you are active Elastos community member, you live in a country/region without Elastos community activity, you can lead the local community. Please contact us. What you can help us are:

  • Create a sub folder in this repo named your country/region
  • Post your community plan, such as meetup plans, training schedule, local DApp teams etc
  • Post your team members
  • Any projects related to Elastos
  • Any requirements we can help

Elastos Javascript community website

Elastos Java community website

Elastos Community websites

Elastos Youtube